Technical Furniture

Technical Furniture

Mission-critical environments always require a detailed, comprehensive and thorough design process; this is very important, as there are many business factors that needed to be considered in order enable decision makers and operators to make decisions based on the information provided to them. In addition optimizing space for operational effectiveness and enhancing safety, acoustic, lighting as well as employee comfort and health considerations.

Technical Furniture Systems are designed with an open frame, modular concept that allows users to create a layout specifically tailored to employees and equipment.  The clean look, durable build, and accessory options furniture makes it versatile enough to serve as a complex repair station or simple enough to organize your front office.

Technical Furniture describes modular furnishings designed to support computerized work applications across a wide range of technical disciplines. This true modular furniture is ideal for testing, monitoring, research and development, system analysis and other intensive tasks that require an innovative workstation platform.

HSB are pleased to present range of Technical Furniture from Knürr who develops, produces and distributes technical workstation systems for control consoles, operation control centers, NOC and Datacenter control rooms, crisis control rooms, and electronics and computers labs, as well as mobile equipment carriers for the automotive and medical technology industries, Knürr provides attractive, ergonomic control room furniture that works with control rooms’ operators to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Fully customized wide control room furniture for wide range of applications introduces state‐of‐the‐art control centers helps end user to upgrade technology and create ideal solutions. Our product developers and designers are eager to meet the individual customer expectations and business needs and to allow more effective productivity in 24/7 environments.

Knürr also is one of the largest producer for various cart systems – ranging from robust transport trolleys through to the fully equipped measurements and diagnostics cart Ergonomic details also simplify daily tasks in a wide range of environments.

An extensive range of accessories supplements Knürr’s mobile equipment carriers as requested by the customer: Flat screen holders, ESD castors, isolating transformers and leakage detectors, cable routing elements and all kinds of accessories for the medical sector. Now Knürr is part of Emerson Electric to strength their Global presence and solution For further details, please send your inquiries to the following Email: