Professionalism is on of the key ingredients to our success


Once you start working with HSB, it becomes very evident that you’re working with a different type of information technology firm. HSB can play a critical role in helping organizations of all sizes identify, develop, and implement the ideal solution to address their unique business needs, Our goal is to teach our clients to master change, not to become the victim of it.​


HSB provides design service through specialized engineers, designers, and draftsmen who are highly trained and skilled with international experience and supported by Technology partners.
HSB is geared towards handling mega projects, and is equipped to meet all type of challenges in terms of tight timefram​e, state-of-the-art systems, and other factors within allocated budget.



Pre-staging is one of the key factor in HSB’s project cycle. It is where electricity, network infrastructure and cabinets are set in place prior to hosting IT components on the clients’ side. The pre-staging cuts down engineering cost especially for remote sites, and speeds up project delivery.
Pre-staging Processes
Configuration & Testing
Components are assembled, configured and integrated at our sophisticated testing facilities before deployment onsite.​
HSB comprehensive pre-staging process means that every system is guaranteed to operate seamlessly and efficiently once installed. The client gets a defined and reliable timetable.
Pre-staging also means that senior staff can work together closely to resolve issues across disciplines – an advantage not available to companies who deploy staff in differing locations.
Following pre-staging, components are prepared for shipment. Using our extensive warehousing and logistics support, all items are labeled and records updated in our Inventory Management System.


Having your order fulfilled right the first time, and delivered on time regardless of the remoteness of the site. Our delivery trucks provide the right balance of payload and maneuverability to move efficiently through tight city driving and also provide suburban locations with speedy delivery. We have found the smaller trucks better able to navigate the narrow, crowded streets within urban areas, while our larger trucks are better suited to the increased delivery capacity that our suburban customers require.​​


Installation and Configuration

Installation and testing services are important elements for systems integrators HSB has the highly skilled and trained engineers who are empowered with tremendous experiences, which insure achieving the project and clients objectives.

Warranty and Maintenance

Management is crucial for a wide assortment of industries, and it can have a direct on customer perceive brands. Warranties provide assurance against defective products that fails to perform satisfactorily over the warranty period. This assurance reduces risks associated with purchase of the product. HSB offers a comprehensive warranty and maintenance management services that tackles of these issues and ensures a smooth supply chain.


Project Management

Project management across HSB helps in keeping project management’s iron triangle in check, delivering on time, budget, and project scope; it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project, and gets everyone on the same page of what’s needed to stay on track for success. When projects are managed properly, there’s a positive impact that reverberates beyond the delivery of ‘the stuff’.

CRM- Customer Service and Authorized Service Center

After sales service is an integral part of HSB’s sales strategy. A good After Sales service can with its excellence help you gain market share, reduce after-sales related overheads on products and services sold and most important of all key to customer retention. HSB understand the After Sales potential that gives a competitive advantage.

Customers expect a high-quality customer service, especially as they focus on getting good value for their money, as well as, they are willing to spend more with those that deliver the best.

his is the reason of implementing four main service centers in the main cities and another 6 mobile branches distributed around the Kingdom. All these centers are equipped with integrated CRM system, call center, spare parts, tools, and trained employees


Pro-Express is the result of a joint venture between HSB and GE. Pro-Express is a Network of Service points in Riyadh, KSA. HSB-GE Security Pro–Express offers easy access to a select range of state-of-the-art security products, and technical support & advice. This service points provide dedicated demo facilities, and are staffed with seasoned security ​​​​professionals.​