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Cover a wide range solutions

The IP Services BU covers a wide range of IP solutions including Network Infrastructure Information System Security, Unified Communications, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, IPTV systems, IP Video Surveillance, Mobility & Wireless solutions. IP Services comprises highly skilled and qualified number of engineers who have deep insight knowledge and experiences in multi-vendor technologies such as Cisco, Junifer, HP, Aruba, Polycom, etc.

IP Telephony

This particular service includes family of technologies, methodologies, communication protocols, and transmission techniques for the delivery of voice communication and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Other terms often used synonymously with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.



Our advanced IPTV Solution empowers organizations to deliver live, on-demand and recorded video over their IP networks. And allows hotels, government agencies, enterprises, health-care and educational institutions to deliver real-time and recorded video over their LANs and WANs. We help to maximize the value of TV/Video content by delivering it over a building, campus, or metropolitan-area IP network to TVs, PCs, & AV display equipment. You can add more users with ease while maintaining broadcast quality, reduce redundant hardware expenditures, & lower operating expenses.

Video Conferencing

Real time communication is the key to operate successfully in today’s fast changing business scenario. We have a comprehensive range of communication system and solution for all business set-up, be it medical, education, financial institutions, justice, broadcasters, high-value commodities trade or corporate.​ Multiple participants can be viewed in a same screen or in a split screen format. Special Intelligent Tracking Camera mixes a combination of voice directional detection, face and moving object recognition technologies to enhance the quality of video conference. Our solution is deal for sharing large amount of visual details with extremely high resolution and color accuracy.


Digital Media Signage – DMS

Digital Media Signage system offers a perfect sign solutions in any building or facility where you want service and inform guests and employees about certain event like advertisement, meeting room activities, welcoming of guests, anniversaries or even internal information, so visitors are guided to their destination, and your staff saves time to concentrate on customer service.
Signs can accept the delivery of scheduled information to multiple locations automatically and virtually instantly by click on the mouse, it can be managed remotely, do not require any on-site personal to take action.
The DMS software creates, manages, and distributes electronic content to networks of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainment, merchandising, and advertising. DMS is ideal solution for:
Hospitals and clinics
Educational institutions
Enterprises open-space signage
Shopping Centers & Supermarkets
Industrial lines
Museums and Entertainment
Hotels & Restaurants

Master Clock

A master clock is a precision clock that provides timing signals to synchronize slave clocks as part of a clock network. The master clock is controlled by an accurate quartz crystal oscillator, usually referenced to an external frequency standard such as MSF, which is part of a worldwide timekeeping system.​


Network Wireless Communication System offers the most innovative network infrastructure solutions that enabling you to deliver ultra-high speed connectivity between distributed sites and centralized points. Wireless technology not only provides another approach to solve existing challenges, it can deliver new capabilities not possible or practical with other methods. Today’s market is very bandwidth hungry so we have chosen our wireless products which provide best solutions considering the limited resources. We at HSB provide wide range of wireless and one stop solution for various wireless communications and networking equipment for indoor & outdoor coverage.


Network Security

Network Security Solutions enable business to be conducted securely and privately even over the Internet and over local network as well. Comprehensive information security should be compromise as well as products and solutions in the IT security field that can comply with the highest levels of confidentiality, and is based on the organization’s strategic considerations and its structure.