Added Value Applications

Added Value Applications

​iBill – IP Telephony Billing System

Because telephone charges are commonly the third largest business expense after payroll and rent, it makes sense to use a call accounting system to monitor and manage those costs. Many managers are familiar with how call accounting can verify telephone bills, but do not always realize that this is only the beginning of its benefits. Properly used, call accounting systems can help managers define employee productivity expectations, allow businesses to reconcile phone bills, and even identify possible abuse of the telephone network. While any company can use call accounting, managing phone costs is all the more important in telemarketing or customer service organizations, where business is conducted almost exclusively over the telephone.

Out-of-box application has been developed and customized by HSB to be an added value solution integrated with IP telephony system. It caters the requirement of call accounting in various business areas and can be deployed virtually in any enterprise including institutions, hotels, hospitals, universities, banks, brokers, corporate enterprises, call centers and telemarketing agencies.

iBill is an industrial strength, fast, reliable, scalable and comprehensive call accounting system with statistics, multi-tenant, rate manipulation techniques. iBill is an easy to use application that designed to provide variant of services to the end user. Users who use the application can view/print different type of billing reports, also custom reports can be easily adapted.

iTVsuite – IPTV Middleware for Hospitality Market

iTVsuite is a suite of IPTV middleware products that are geared to satisfy different customer requirements. iTVsuite HA is the product designed to provide the basic IPTV middleware functionality with focus on Hospitality is a product that provides the IPTV middleware functionality geared towards the hospitality business.

iTVsuite HA is an easy to set up and use middleware that requires minimum effort to install and administer. The middleware is designed to ensure a high availability IPTV environment.

The design creates a loose coupling between the set-top box and the middleware. The set-top box is capable of functioning perfectly at all times even when the middleware server is shutdown on not operating properly. iTVsuite HA coupled with a redundant infrastructure provides the customer with a resilient, highly available TV viewing experience.​