Organized an Iftar Gathering for HSB Riyadh

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Organized an Iftar Gathering for HSB Riyadh

HSB Riyadh had organized an Iftar gathering for HSB Riyadh family on Tuesday 17th of July 2013 at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn in Riyadh, our special attendees include Mr. Sami Saeed General Manager and all HSB Riyadh employees.

This gathering comes within the interests of the company to meet all staff employees and discuss in the context of the company’s strategy aimed at strengthening relations that combine management and staff, between employees themselves, the establishment of activities and social events, entertainment and meet with staff outside the framework of action and activity of institutional, establish the concept of family, and in recognition of the efforts of individuals in this family throughout the year.

Wishing to you a happy fasting and a blessed Ramadan.