HSB joins Datacenter Dynamics Converged

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HSB joins Datacenter Dynamics Converged

HSB showed demonstration of its I.T. package services and infrastructure at the Datacenter Dynamics Converged 2012 event held at the Jeddah Intercontinental Hotel on 26 November 2012.
Datacenter Dynamics Converged aimed to draw professional I.T. people, processes and technology to implement a world-class data center strategy under one roof.
The unique event was tailored to deliver enhanced knowledge and networking opportunities among professionals who design, build, and operate datacenters.
During the event HSB has performed a demonstration of its services and I.T. infrastructure solutions such as the following:

• HSB Data Center Solutions Catalogue
• CPI Cabinet and CPI Runway (Cable Ladder)
• iPATCH-Patch Panel
• iPATCH, Cameras, IP Phone, Smartphone Integration
• Passive Infrastructure Setup
• CISCO Network Setup

The HSB demo on HASMON and iPatch package solutions drew positive feedback from customers and participants of the event.

HASMON is an abbreviation for HSB Monitoring, which is an application developed in-house that integrates the following systems:

• iPatch – SYSTIMAX
• IT Telephony – CISCO

HASMON is basically a notification alert transmitted via SMS and e-mail in situation where an unauthorized access to the passive infrastructure iPatch has been made.

The HASMON alert notification shows the event details along with a snap picture of the event location. One of the features of the application enables an IP phone extension to start ringing with pre-recorded message telling the person concerned about an unauthorized access to iPatch.